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VivafreshTM Systems
Hardware And Software

Provide the Ideal Environment for
Freshest Mature Products at Point of Sale

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Freshness Systems are available in 3 types—Warehouse, Intermodal, and Research.

These sealable-chamber systems include everything for life giving environment, including vacuum, moisture, ventilation, and automation subsystems. Vivafresh Systems are fully automated. They're all capable of remote monitoring and remote control. More standard System types are in the works.

Vivafresh Warehouse System—Standard internal width, height and length are 8.3 x 10 x 40 feet (2.5 x 3 x 12.2 m) with a capacity of 3332 cubic feet (94m3.) They can be stacked, bolted together, or ordered with doors on both ends. Technicians install and commission the complete System at your facility. The trailer tongue and dolly wheels are removed after transport. They can be custom ordered in any practical size and proportions.

Vivafresh Intermodal System—Provides a self-contained fresh product shipping solution. Available in 20 and 40 foot or custom lengths, this model can even 'containerize' an entire grower-to-consumer transit route, creating a completely 'Vivafreshed,' independent cold chain.

Vivafresh Research System—Compact laboratory systems are available for commercial and academic research. This model helps determine the relevant parameters for your products before you invest in a Vivafresh solution.

Vivafresh Technology always relies on refrigeration for temperature control. The Research and Intermodal Systems, and one style of the Warehouse System, include refrigeration. Another model Warehouse System is designed to be placed inside a refrigerated facility.

Vivafresh Software—Our proprietary software includes an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for simple and efficient system control. A Vivafresh System can be monitored and controlled remotely from any web-enabled device, even a Smartphone.

Vivafresh Vacuum Coolers—These units can be ordered in any practical standalone size and shape or vacuum cooling can be integrated into some System models. Cooling speed at harvest is critical for sustaining freshness. That makes vacuum the best method for cooling crops. Unlike the forced cold air approach, vacuum cools densely packed containers 'from inside out' by removing some of the moisture. Vacuum cools so fast that crop loads at temperatures of 18 degree C (65 degree F) can be lowered to just above freezing within an hour.


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