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Vivafresh Systems and Services
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Below are Vivafresh initial offerings. Updates will be added over time.

Vivafresh Research pre-determines your products' freshness potential and any special needs. This assures your advantages before you invest in a system and helps you achieve the best System load management practices for perfect results.

Vivafresh Applications Consulting guides you to apply the technology to your products -- growing, production, shipping, warehousing, wholesaling, staging, or retail operations. We carefully study how and where you fit into your industry and help work out the most cost-effective way to maximize advantages. You'll learn by doing from a masterful Vivafresh coach.

Vivafresh Engineering adapts our standard hardware and automation software to work best for your specific products and operations.

Vivafresh Vacuum Coolers pull the heat out of your boxed flower, produce, or plant loads at harvest time faster than any other crop cooling system available.

Vivafresh Freshness Systems are currently available in 3 sizes -- Warehouse, Intermodal, and Research -- and more System models are in the works. These include everything for life-giving environment, including vacuum, moisture, ventilation, and automation subsystems. Vivafresh Intermodal Systems, and one style of the Vivafresh Warehouse System, include refrigeration. Another Warehouse System model is designed to be placed inside a refrigerated facility.

Vivafresh Software controls all System functions to sustain the life-giving internal environment. We provide programming to optimize our standard process and provide specific, optimized 'recipes' for your products.

Vivafresh Load Management provides expert and accountable load monitoring around the clock. It's the human factor that puts magic in Vivafresh. You know your investment is safe when every product load is watched over by our skilled and dedicated technicians.

Vivafresh Maintenance backs you up with predictive monitoring, preventive service, and emergency repairs for everything we sell. Scheduled preventive service extends the life of your System. If your equipment or software should fail, an extended warranty covers your Floriculture Vivafresh System with a fixed-price annual contract.

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We'll gladly help you discover the best ways to take advantage of this astounding new freshness technology. For more information, literature, and answers, contact our Applications Consulting Team today—

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