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Flowers are the ultimate emotional gift.

Flowers universally express affection, romance, respect, and even forgiveness in relationships. They set the tone for passages into new stages of life. Flower symbolism transcends time, place, and cultures. Flowers are a gift of joy through the experience of beauty. People continue to buy flowers and keep a multi-billion dollar market viable, even in a recession and even with fragile flower quality constantly challenged by the rigors of shipment.

Flower sales are depressed because cold chain practices permit flowers to be damaged in shipment.

So says the 'White Paper' by Dr. Staby and Dr. Reid.* These authors made a convincing argument that the worldwide flower market will improve if only general product quality would rise. Then consumers will buy more flowers, more often, which creates a stronger demand pull through the Floriculture value chain. This principle has already proven true in some markets.

The longer flowers stay fresh and beautiful the more consumers like them.

Flowers that deteriorate soon after purchase disappoint your customers. So the value of your flowers is equal to their quality. To drive more sales, assure product aesthetics and longevity. Dr. Staby and Dr. Reid demonstrated the best approach to improving flower quality and controlling shrink is to improve the cold chain. Demand will peak when quality rises—as the cold chain keeps temperature and moisture within limits, suppresses oxidation, and controls ethylene and Botrytis.

Vivafresh Systems effectively control all detriments to quality in flowers, cuttings, and potted ornamentals.

Vivafresh induces a state of dormancy—low metabolism and near zero respiration. When flowers are unloaded from a Vivafresh System they quickly revive and resume life right where they left off.

  • Vivafresh is entirely natural and USDA Organic-compliant.
  • No chemical treatments are involved.
  • Vivafresh enables you to ship surface rather than air.
  • Extended fresh handling time means you can sell during times of higher demand.
  • Vivafresh is superior to all older freshness methods, including refrigeration-only and controlled atmosphere.

*IMPROVING THE COLD CHAIN FOR CUT FLOWERS AND POTTED PLANTS: WHITE PAPER II, By Dr. George Staby and Dr. Michael Reid, October, 2005. Free site registration is required. Download here.

Today's cold chain practices destroy 67% of each flower's vase life. To capture more repeat sales, conserve vase life—with Vivafresh.

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