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How Will Vivafresh Help You
Become More Profitable?

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Vivafresh assures you highest flower and plant quality and extended handling time. Highest quality and more handling time drive more sales and higher profits. Exploring the possibilities can improve your bottom line if you grow, ship, wholesale, distribute, stage, or retail flowers. Research we do for you accurately predicts results for your fresh flowers or plants. You'll know what you can count on before you invest in Vivafresh.

Vivafresh opens lucrative new opportunities by keeping flowers fresher longer. Flower prices fluctuate in a well known pattern around specific holidays. By providing up to 10 times more fresh handling time, Vivafresh enables you to 'time shift' purchases and sales to command more profit during periods of higher demand. This increases profit in two ways. Without fear of loss from stock shrinkage, you can—

  • Plan pre-holiday production or purchasing so you have more lower-cost stock on hand for higher sales volume during peak prices.
  • Cheat death a while after holidays by keeping any excess fresh stock pristine until sold at stable prices.

Such profit-taking has been proven in flower markets where Vivafresh is already at work.

Extended fresh handling time also affords you a buffer against possible calamities. You have more leeway to work around threatening situations like political events, weather patterns, labor strife, and natural disasters.

What Is A Vivafresh Freshness System?

Vivafresh Systems are sealable chambers that reduce air pressure, supply moisture and ventilation, and hold temperature constant at an optimum level. An automation system maintains all important parameters within limits. Load Management Technicians monitor and track each load from a remote location. They can even take control of the System environment if intervention should be needed.

How Does Vivafresh Technology Work?

Vivafresh Systems maintain the ideal environment for flowers between harvest and point of sale—near 32 degrees F, with correct moisture level, and deep suppression of both ethylene and Botrytis infection. Plants go dormant while microbes, mold, fungus, and oxidation are deeply suppressed. Also, Vivafresh Vacuum Coolers provide the best rapid cooling for flowers at harvest time when cooling is most critical—at the beginning of the cold chain.

Access the FREE Vivafresh ROI Calculator to determine cost recapture.

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