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VivafreshTM Technology
Revolutionizes Floriculture

Provide the Right Environment to Offer
Highest Quality Flowers at the Point of Sale

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These days, everyone doing business in Floriculture is looking for a profit edge.

Dr. George Staby and Dr. Michael Reid published a now-famous white paper in October, 2005, offering more than a dozen key recommendations for resolving "the cold chain crisis." Although the Floriculture industry is still depressed, a stunning emergent technology called Vivafresh (patent pending) now makes it practical to implement the technical recommendations Dr. Staby and Dr. Reid offered.

Vivafresh Systems consistently deliver pristine flowers to the point of sale.

Vivafresh enables ultimate freshness in flowers. Highest quality and extended fresh handling time drive higher profits as Vivafresh improves—

  • Sales volume
  • Cost reduction
  • Operational performance
  • Your competitive position
  • And your image in your market

Vivafresh makes it possible to sell flowers as fresh as the moment they were harvested.

Vivafresh Technology revolutionizes Floriculture to the benefit of everyone involved, from growers who produce flowers to consumers who rely on them to express what's in their hearts. What's good for cut flowers is good for potted ornamentals and cuttings, and good for the whole Floriculture business.

If you operate a Floriculture business the information you're reading now can bring you advantages.

Achieve the highest quality and command the highest prices for the flowers you grow ship, wholesale, distribute, stage or retail, by improving the part of the cold chain you can influence with Vivafresh.

Achieve a Total Cold Chain solution from field to consumer with Vivafresh Technology.

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