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Vivafresh Brings Shoppers
Premium Fresh Products Naturally

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Vivafresh makes naturally field ripened produce commercially practical. When picked fully mature, live plant products loaded into a Vivafresh System environment quickly go dormant. Ripening is temporarily suspended. When unloaded, life and ripening continue from the point where interrupted. This enables you to offer naturally ripened produce with negligible shrink factor.

Fruits and Vegetables—Consumers love naturally ripened Vivafresh produce for its unequalled flavor and beauty.

Flowers and Plants—Shoppers find Vivafresh cut flowers, cuttings, and potted ornamentals as fresh and gorgeous as the moment they were harvested.

Consumers shopping for fresh produceThe Vivafresh environment also achieves previously unavailable freshness in meats and seafoods in a different way—by deeply suppressing bacteria, mold, fungi, and oxidation which otherwise degrade them.

Meats—Achieve premium dry-aged flavor and tenderness in meats while improving yield.

Seafood—Extend maximum fresh handling time in seafood, including shellfish.

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Consumers Will Rave About Your Whole New Level Of Quality

Vivafresh raises the bar for product value with new and better shopping experiences. It enables shoppers to—

  • Shop fresher produce than ever before.
  • Enjoy field-ripened fruit and vegetables.
  • Find seasonal items out of the usual season.
  • Buy items from formerly inaccessible areas.
  • Enjoy more delicious and aesthetic foods.
  • Experience higher quality at affordable prices.
  • Source more nutritious fresh foods.
  • Limit chemically 'ripened' produce.
  • Reduce consumption of pesticides.
  • See less damage on their produce.
  • Consume more locally-produced goods.
  • Sustain a higher level of well-being.
Co-Branding Opportunities

Co-Branding Opportunities Can Identify Your Products With Vivafresh

Co-brand by just sourcing some labels from us or consider a deeper, more beneficial connection. If you use Vivafresh in your operations why not benefit from the reflected glow of today's best brand in freshness?

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