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VivafreshTM Technology Drives
Higher Fresh Product Value

Gain Business Advantages Earn Higher Profits
Position Your Company to Thrive

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Introducing the NEW 2013 Vivafresh WHC-3332 Warehouse Model

Vivafresh Vacuum Warehouse:  VF-WHC-3332

Vivafresh extends post-harvest handling time for all fresh plant and animal products.

This breakthrough technology sustains freshness far longer than any previous cold chain approach. If you grow, ship, warehouse, distribute, stage, or retail fresh products, Vivafresh gives your customers access to fresher, more varied, and more desirable fresh products than ever before. 

Vivafresh Systems achieve dramatic advances in fresh product quality, appeal, and value.

When you supply more desirable fresh products, you gain numerous business advantages. Vivafresh leads to higher profits for companies who apply this Technology strategically. You also enjoy improved image, better competitive position, more customer loyalty, streamlined operations, and growth.

You can acquire Vivafresh right now, today.

Discover how Vivafresh Technology helps you achieve business goals by driving perfect product freshness and premium quality at the point of sale.

We believe you'll agree Vivafresh is The Ultimate Freshness Technology.

Learn how this scientific breakthrough  sustains freshness and quality
VivaFresh Flowers and Fruit RefrigerationVivafresh Fresh Fruit and Flowers

Leaders in Vacuum Freshness Technology


Strategic Advantages of Vivafresh Technology

  • Up to 10X greater fresh handling time.
  • Buy low, sell high in fresh products.
  • Exploit the trend toward natural and organic.
  • Avoid the burdens of chemical treatments.
  • Precise control of ripening and ageing.
  • Command higher prices for higher quality.
  • Increase quality grades and prices of meats.
  • Open new markets for your fresh goods.
  • More efficient rapid cooling in the field.
  • Achieve better competitive position.
  • Ship products for less—surface, not air.
  • Improve your image within your market.
  • Eco-friendliness and social responsibility.
  • Improve worker relations by going natural.
  • Creates more supply chain fault tolerance.
  • Large accelerated depreciation tax benefits.
Our Vision For Vivafresh Is
More And Better Fresh Products Worldwide

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