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VivafreshTM Obsoletes Previous
Cold Chain Technology

Yet It's Compatible with Existing Infrastructure

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Refrigeration alone and controlled atmosphere solutions fall short by comparison. Vivafresh results vary per product and are determined in advance by research before you invest in capital equipment. Vivafresh stretches the freshness window up to 5 times (for salmon,) up to 7 times (for bananas,) and even as much as 10 times (for cut roses,) with no loss of flavor, aesthetics, lifespan, or vase life, and without physiological degradation.

Grow Business Performance and Profits with Vivafresh

Vivafresh 'changes the game' in fresh agricultural value chains.

Everyone in fresh product markets is looking for a profitability edge these days. Vivafresh generates more value in fresh product supply chains which benefits everyone involved, from growers to consumers. By introducing more pricing headroom, Vivafresh makes a difference you can leverage strategically. Get Vivafresh and you effectively add 3 to 10 times your previous fresh handling time, depending on the specific product. Available freshness data is listed on the performance page. Ongoing research with more products continues.

This Technology is based on meticulous environment control, not chemicals.

Proprietary Vivafresh (patent pending) is entirely natural and USDA Organic compliant. Automated Vivafresh Systems coordinate low atmospheric pressure, refrigeration, moisture retention, and other factors essential to freshness and life. Skilled technicians closely monitor key variables and watch over each fresh product load using Vivafresh Software. No substances, additives, ripening agents, poisons, or preservatives are involved -- just clean air and water, plus a touch of genius. Vivafresh quickly kills insects. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and meats all gain extended fresh handling time, superior quality and aesthetics, and higher value.

Access the FREE Vivafresh ROI Calculator to determine cost recapture.

Improve Operations And Sales • Reduce Direct Costs And Expenses

A better top line and less cost gives you the edge everyone is looking for these days.

  • Keep all fresh products fresher, longer.
  • Control stock shrinkage better than ever.
  • Command higher prices for higher value.
  • Reduce strategic costs and operating expenses.
  • Increase average prices for your goods.
  • Enjoy delighted, more loyal customers.
  • Expand your market reach, globally if desired.
  • Leverage a host of operational advantages.
  • Improve competitive position in your markets.
  • Sell more products when and where you want.
  • Accumulate stock to sell at peak demand.
  • Shift overstock to times of reduced supply.

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