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VivafreshTM Division Produces
The Ultimate Freshness Technology

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Vivafresh (patent-pending) is an emerging technology solution comprising systems, software, and support services that dramatically prolong handling time for fresh agricultural products—by a factor of up to 10. The Vivafresh Division of Atlas Technologies, Inc., founded in 2007, is located in idyllic Port Townsend, WA. Performance studies and continuing research are under way at a Miami, FL facility. Research supports future development and determines product freshness potential for customers.

Vivafresh Technology is not a future vision. Available offerings serve agricultural markets worldwide. Vivafresh is rapidly becoming the revolutionary Total Cold Chain solution of choice in the multi-billion dollar Floriculture industry.

Vivafresh revolutionizes agricultural fresh product industries such as fruits and vegetables, and meats and seafoods.

Core Competencies

Vivafresh occupies the intersection of fresh agricultural logistics with high vacuum technology. Our parent company pioneered aluminum-based ultra high vacuum. Atlas is the world's largest producer of related systems and components. Vivafresh Division conceives, designs, and manufactures state-of-the-art vacuum freshness systems, products, and services. To learn more, please explore this web site or contact us.


Vivafresh Technology grew from the skills, abilities, and efforts of our highly qualified Team.

Dick Bothell, President and Founder

Jed Bothell, Vice President and Co-Founder

Dr. Stanley P. Burg, Principal Scientist and the Inventor of vacuum storage

Dr. Thomas (Tom) L. Davenport, Director of Research and Development

Fernando Ruggiero, Latin American Sales Representative , Biologist, Floriculture & Horticultural Specialist

Our Mission—Design And Deliver State-Of-The-Art Freshness Systems.

Vivafresh Division of Atlas Technologies | 305 Glen Cove Road, PortTownsend, WA 98368, USA | 360-385-3123
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